July 07, 2022

Why they really love to lick us

Why they really love to lick us
Dr. Chris Brown

That tongue is like lightning! But there’s a fascinating reason why they unleash it’s supreme sliminess on us. And even the furniture…

Here’s the secret…

Hint: It’s not all about how we taste!

No doubt about it! Going the lick really shows you’re at ‘that’ stage of your relationship. But exactly what ‘that’ stage is might surprise you. You see, there are many different meaning behind that lick…

Let’s take a look. That tongue is often the best way to:


  • SHOW AFFECTION: Just look in nature. Not any things say ‘I care’ and demonstrate supreme acceptance more than a lick. It’s love, respect and trust all packaged up and delivered by express tongue! Most common lick location? The face 
  • GET ATTENTION: A warm, wet tongue sliding along you or the lounge is hard to ignore. And that’s exactly the point. It’s so surprising that it’s a guaranteed way to distract you from what you’re doing and bring your focus back to them. Most common lick location? Arms, Legs and lounges.
  • THEY ENJOY THE TASTE: While we assume licking is always about the flavour, it ranks low down on the list of likely causes. However, the salt in our sweat can be sought after if they need more sodium in their diet. On a deeper level, taking on our smells and pheromones can help pets to feel a little ‘closer’ to understanding us. Now isn’t that sweet. Or is that salty? Most common lick location? Feet and legs.


  • CALM THEMSELVES DOWN: When that licking is repetitive, it actually does something interesting in their brain. It actually releases feel good hormones like dopamine and serotonin. Licking is their way of easing stress they’re feeling. It’s just a reminder they have a lot on their mind right now. Most common lick location? Floors, windows, beds and legs.

It’s incredible isn’t it. That tongue drag can tell you so much. Hopefully you now have it’s meaning…well…licked 😳 

Calm + Collected
Calm + Collected

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