February 27, 2019

Firefighters just helped a rat having a VERY bad day!

Firefighters just helped a rat having a VERY bad day!
Dr. Chris Brown

In what is surely proof that kindness comes in all shapes and sizes, a fire department in Bensheim, Germany has rescued a rather rotund rat who got stuck trying to squeeze herself through a sewer manhole cover. And yes, the photo is everything…

The firefighters were simply told they were urgently required for a “animal rescue, small animal” and so raced to the aid of the rodent. And with the assistance of load bearing rods and metal hooks, they prized the cover open and delicately freed the rat from the sewer. And if the photo is anything to go by, the rather embarrassed rodent sure appreciated the extra assistance from the caring and compassionate firies.

If there’s a lesson here it’s that sometimes going like a rat up a drain-pipe isn’t quite how you imagine it.

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