October 01, 2020

Oh yes. Dog braces really do exist

Oh yes. Dog braces really do exist
Dr. Chris Brown

It turns out braces aren’t just the domain of our awkward high school photos, some of the furry family actually need them too. Here’s why...

Literally brace yourself. The orthodontic device that still triggers so many of us is legitimately used in pets. But instead of it being all about moving the teeth around to achieve an insta worthy smile, braces are used to ensure significantly wayward or crowded teeth don’t cause serious medical issues like preventing chewing, poking holes in the tongue or even through the roof of the mouth which can then lead to nasty infections and even sinusitis. Wesley (pictured) had such crooked teeth he couldn’t actually close his mouth. Best news of all though, their treatment is often completed in a matter of weeks, not years.

Going by these pictures, it’s unlikely braces slowed him down at puppy school 😳

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