October 07, 2019

This cat needed fluids after mating marathon

This cat needed fluids after mating marathon
Dr. Chris Brown

Think you had a big weekend? Think again. Xiaopi the Russian Blue cat takes the title. He required IV fluids after an extraordinary night in a pet hotel in China saw him form ‘special bonds’ with five female cats. But here’s why he was even luckier than you think...

His escapades occurred between 10:40pm and 5am at the south China pet boarding hotel. Staff only reviewed CCTV footage when Xiaopi was so lethargic he could barely move the next morning. It’s currently not clear why a tomcat was ever sharing the same space as undesexed female cats. Money is being put aside to home any kittens that were conceived during his romp.

However, given a female cat is only on ‘heat’ for a few days every 2-3 weeks, the chances of all 5 cats being in season at the same time is a staggering 1 in 20,000. Talk about beating the odds.
And immediately Xiaopi becomes the guy your cat tells you not to worry about...

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