October 30, 2019

Does you cat think inside or outside the box?

Does you cat think inside or outside the box?
Dr. Chris Brown

Here's a trick you should try at home....if you mark out a rectangle (or square) on the floor with tape, your cat will get inside it. And want to stay there.

Here's why they desperately want to climb inside a square, circle or rectangle...

For starters, it has a lot to do with simple curiosity. They see us creating something and naturally want to be front and centre on the action. But their square obsession goes deeper than that. You see, almost every cat has an instinctive drive to seek out small spaces. No matter whether it’s a cardboard box, a paper bag or the tiny area you’ve marked out with tape, cats gain a sense of security and comfort from being super-covert and tucked away from danger.

So when they step inside the square they’re actually letting us step inside their mind. Just for a moment…

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