December 05, 2019

The secret behind what puppy breath really is!

The secret behind what puppy breath really is!
Dr. Chris Brown

Breathe it in! There’s nothing quite like new puppy smell. It’s surely one of the sweetest aromas in the animal kingdom. Admittedly, not many of those aromas qualify as ‘sweet’…but I digress. You see, while some of us would spray puppy smell like perfume if we could, very little is known about where that unique aroma comes from. So here you go…

It’s almost like the ‘new car’ smell of canines. And it’s described as smelling like everything from vanilla malt to freshly cut hay. But no matter which way it hits you, enjoy it while it lasts. Chances are it’ll vanish over the first month of a puppy’s time at home with you.

So where does that puppy smell come from? That sweet aroma has a lot to do with what your puppy has been slurping down for the first 8 weeks of their life; milk. In that time, their body has developed a perfect concoction of enzymes and healthy bacteria to digest that milky drink. In fact, take a sniff inside a tub of a natural yoghurt (that has a live culture) and the smell isn’t too different.

So ‘puppy smell’ is just the sweet smell of their own tummy tub coming out on their breath! But how do we end up sharing in that aroma? Well, you know how your puppy is still growing rapidly? Well, their esophagus (food tube between their mouth and stomach) isn’t even properly developed yet. As a result, it’s allowing some of the gas from their stomach to make it’s way out into the big wide world via their breath. Yes…puppy smell is really just lots of fermented puppy milk burps (FPMB’s). And they couldn’t be more adorable…

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