August 10, 2023

What's really causing that stomach upset?

What's really causing that stomach upset?
Dr. Chris Brown


That mad rush outside for ‘business time’ might have you wondering what they’ve been eating. But what if that runny poo means something more?

Well, by popular demand, here’s how to tell the difference between a ‘sensitive’ stomach and a full blown food allergy…

Hint: It’s about more than 💩

It’s fair to say most of the furry family aren’t exactly selective about what they eat. In fact, the ‘See it? Eat it!’ rule is a real canine crowd favourite on walks. And as a result, pinching something from a bin, eating something ‘off’ or drinking some park puddle water accounts for the majority of gut upsets. 

But for those with sensitive stomachs (or really any enthusiastic eater) that spectacular diarrhoea or even just loose stools can also be brought on by...

  • Rich foods (higher in fat)
  • Eating more than usual
  • Eating new foods
  • Eating lots of simple carbohydrates like pasta

But food allergies just hit different. The signs and the causes are world's apart

So here are the secret signs of a food allergy...

They actually show themselves in quite unexpected ways. In fact, the first warnings of a far-from-sweet FA (food allergy) are more than just diarrhoea. So keep an eye out for:

  • Vomiting
  • Inflamed itchy ears
  • Itchy paws
  • Inflamed and red belly
  • Weight loss
  • Dry flaky skin and coat


The age these signs appear is also a big red (itchy) flag. Food allergies are most commonly seen in younger dogs and cats. In fact, 6 months of age is the most common time of diagnosis in our vet hospital.

So what’s causing it? Well, before you become a highly focused food detective pouring through every fragment in their food bowl, let me save you some time.

95% of food allergies are caused by the protein in the food they’re eating. And to be honest, it feels more like 99%.

That’s right. Their body sets off a full blown whole body allergic reaction to the beef, chicken, dairy, soy or wheat gluten in their food. It’s almost always the protein. Crazy huh.

But now for the good news. Because food allergies (and sensitivities) affect so many dogs, I’ve created my new Salmon Hypoallergenic treats. They’re not only packed with novel fish protein (Australian salmon), they’re also completely grain free and boosted with prebiotics to help inflamed and sensitive stomachs recover. 

And that should deliver some relief (and happiness) from their skin to within... 

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