August 22, 2023

Why your cat is hassling to get outside

Why your cat is hassling to get outside
Dr. Chris Brown

Have you noticed the change?! Oh yes. It’s this time of year where cats across the country swap the endless naps for their silly season. The result? A desperate need to be more social! Because even though your cat is de-sexed, they still feel the call of the wild.

Welcome to Frisky Season!

So what does Frisky Season look like?

Suddenly every year in late August, the excitement (and hormone) levels rise leading to some classic Frisky Season signs like:

  • Meowing at night
  • Trying to get outside
  • More furniture scratching
  • Restless pacing and zoomies
  • Window staring

 So what’s going actually on?

Well, your vet hasn’t made a mistake. They are de-sexed and they’re not looking for real romance.

Instead, the increasing day length (as summer approaches) triggers hormones in their brain that tell them to get outside and patrol their territory.

Yes, even without their ‘bits’, one of the hallmarks of cat breeding season remains!

Is there a downside?

Aside from a lack of sleep for you, this urge to create a territory does have it’s drawbacks.

  • Anxiety levels surge. Bad news for furniture scratching and toilet accidents
  • If they get outside,
    • The risk of cat fights (and injuries) increases
    • The risk of being hit by a car goes up

What can you do?

The first step is don’t give in and let them outside. This will only mean they’ll try the same thing tomorrow night.

Then, reduce those anxiety levels with some Calm + Collected treats. The L-theanine (an amino acid) is proven to help cats relax.

Finally, give them an outlet for that energy surge inside…

  • Hide their treats and food around the house and in food puzzles
  • Figure out how they like to play. Do they like fetch games, balls, fishing toys, laser pointers or a cardboard box cubby?
  • Give them a window with a view. People, dogs, other cats and birds to ekekekekek at are all great time consumers. Even TV (with animals and movement) is exciting…

Frisky Season doesn’t have to be a disturbance. It can also be fascinating as you see that little lion or tiger inside trying to get out!

Calm + Collected Cat
Calm + Collected Cat

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