April 08, 2019

This retriever pup really nailed this game of hide and seek

This retriever pup really nailed this game of hide and seek
Dr. Chris Brown

After fine tuning his hide and seek technique, golden retriever pup Morty finally achieved the perfect move. But here’s why you’ll probably never beat dogs at this game...

Hide and seek is a favourite with human children so it makes sense that it’s popular with the furry ones too. Especially when you consider that research now says dogs have roughly the brain power of a 2-3 year old child. And given a large number of breeds are instinctively hunters, herders and retrievers, that desire to seek is especially strong. But an innate desire to play the game isn’t even their main strength.

It’s all in the nose. You see, with a dog’s sense of smell roughly 10,000 times better than ours, they certainly don’t need to see you to find you. The nose already knows. Which is why Morty is keeping his well and truly open...

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