We finally know what ‘wet dog smell’ really is

It’s fair to say our pets are often the foul smell fall-guys. And while they may be occasionally wrongly accused out of convenience, one aroma that’s forever linked to them is the wondrous ‘wet dog smell’. It can clear a room with its musty goodness. But it turns out our pets have been innocent all along.

Instead, it’s actually microscopic bacteria that should take the blame. These bugs live in their coat without causing any offensive odours. In fact, they even leave their own waste products on the hair fibres. How considerate! But then water comes along and ruins everything. A simple swim or shower of rain dislodges these chemicals and makes them airborne. Allowing them to float through the air and straight into your nose.

Drying pets quickly with a walk in the sun or some towel drying is obviously the best way to outsmart the bugs.

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