October 25, 2021

The surprising reason cats LOVE a keyboard walk

The surprising reason cats LOVE a keyboard walk
Dr. Chris Brown

You’re just about to send that crucial work email when this happens. But rather than just being an attention seeking move, there’s something else at play here…

Here’s what it is…

Cats seem to be magnetically drawn to keyboards. But have you ever wondered what the attraction is? In this Drool investigation it turns out the answer makes a lot more sense than their keyboard musings...

Fascinatingly, the keyboard walk is about more than just grabbing your attention. Sure the ever present threat of a full hard drive deletion works every time, but there is actually more to it. While the warmth coming from your device is another drawcard, the most captivating part of the keyboard is actually the smell. You see with every tap, you leave a tiny trace of your own scent (through your sweat) on the keyboard.

The cumulative effect of hundreds of emails is a cocktail of your scent that their nose can’t say no to. And for cats (and dogs) scent (with some added attention) is their favourite combination... It also explains why they'll bunt your hands and even rub their face up against your screen while you're typing. In fact, it's happening right now!


Calm + Collected Cat
Calm + Collected Cat

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