September 27, 2021

Why some dogs are so food obsessed!

Why some dogs are so food obsessed!
Dr. Chris Brown

Their reputation for loving food is legendary. But in the best news Labradors (and lab crosses) have had in years, they finally have an excuse for that eating obsession. And other dogs might also be able to use it. Here’s why they love food so much…

Oh yes, finally the answer we’ve been waiting for on why Labradors (and crosses) can be so food obsessed. They just don’t own skinny ‘genes'! But there is an upside…

They top the obesity charts in Australia, the US and the UK but finally the reason they’re so fond of your fridge actually has a scientific explanation. In fact, according to the University of Cambridge, 1/4 of all Labradors lack the gene to switch off hunger, meaning they’re likely to become food obsessed. This gene can also be transferred and found in other cross-breeds too. And while this can obviously lead to an increased risk of obesity, this trait does have an interesting upside.

It seems that this gene makes a Labrador the ultimate assistance dog. In fact, three quarters of them have it. But why does it help? Well, rather than just being casually interested in food, these dogs are absolutely obsessed with snacking. Therefore, they’ll move heaven and earth during training to ensure they end up with the treat; making them the star students!

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