July 24, 2019

Why dogs and cats really have wet noses

Why dogs and cats really have wet noses
Dr. Chris Brown

It’s responsible for that very cold wake up call! But have you ever wondered why dogs have wet noses? Here’s your answer.

That wetness actually comes from a mixture of mucous (that’s produced by the surface of the nose itself) and saliva from your dog doing what (most) humans can’t do; licking their nose.

But before you’re left questioning your mucousy morning kisses, you might first want to marvel over why it’s wet. While evaporation off the nose helps to keep their body cool in summer, the main purpose of that ‘wetness’ is to actually trap scent particles that they can then ‘taste’ after the tongue transfers them to a special organ on the roof of their mouth. Which explains why, when their favourite treat appears, that tongue is licking their nose so obsessively.

There is of course one final purpose for that cold nose. There is no better attention grabbing device on earth. And boy do they know how to use it...

Next! Whether NOT having a wet nose really means they are sick...

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