November 02, 2022

Why pets are either thunderstorm freakers or sleepers

Why pets are either thunderstorm freakers or sleepers
Dr. Chris Brown

Ever wondered why thunderstorms cause little worry to some pets while others feel like the end of the world is here? Well, the reason might surprise you…

Here’s also how to help them with their anxiety… 

It feels like the great divide over summer. Those who panic and those who cruise through the calamity of thunderstorm season. But there may be a very reasonable explanation for whether your furry family member dives for cover when the dark clouds appear…

So here’s what matters.

The time of year they were born: 

Ok. This isn’t about their star sign. But rather their socialisation period. You know, that time before the age of 14 weeks where exposure to new people, pets, sights and sounds makes them feel ‘normal’. Basically, if your dog or cat’s socialisation window fell outside of storm season (October to February) then every storm feels new and threatening.

 Where they live:

Your postcode does count for something in storm season. And it’s probably the opposite of what you think. As a general rule, the more often storms occur, the less worrying they seem to be. They become part of life. As opposed to a surprising one-off event. So those pets in the northern states have a lower level of storm stress compared to the southern parts of the country.Genetics:

Storm phobias absolutely run in families. And pets that suffer from separation anxiety or reactivity to sights and sounds are more likely to be storm stressors.

Did you know? Interestingly, the shape of a dog’s head has been shown to influence storm anxiety. Those with a flatter face and shorter nose (Pugs, Boxers, French Bulldogs) are LESS likely to experience stress than those with longer noses like Kelpies, Fox Terriers and Collies.

Your reaction:

Remember, you’re their guide to good living. And they constantly check in with you to see how to behave. If you’re freaking out before a storm and rushing to get the washing in and move the car, then your dog or cat will react in a similar way. They can sense our stress so be cool…

For help with those storm phobias, I have spent years creating something that will genuinely help. Not just say it does. Just one or two of my Drool Calm + Collected treats an hour before the storm is sensed should make a big difference. They’re full of ingredients like L-theanine that are proven to help with thunderstorm anxiety…

Calm + Collected
Calm + Collected

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