October 04, 2023

Do cats and dogs get hayfever?

Do cats and dogs get hayfever?
Dr. Chris Brown

On those windy days when the pollens, dust and smoke set off our hay-fever, do dogs and cats also get affected?

Yes, hold your anti-histamines because we’re about find out if pets suffer from hay-fever. And also what are the signs they’re feeling sneezy…

The answer is below…

Life’s different when you’re covered in fur. You see while red puffy eyes and endless sneezing are our tell-tale signs, pets are nowhere near as obvious.

But despite spending so much time in the outdoors, it doesn’t stop dogs and cats from being allergic to it.

Yes, pets DO get hayfever.

So does your bestie experience the big H?

Well, you just need to know what you’re looking for. So here are the signs they’re high on hayfever…

  • Eye gunk: Probably the most common sign. While some morning ‘eye boogers’ are normal, eyes that are irritated produce more and require regular gunk removal during the day.

  • Red, itchy skin: The sleeper sign. And almost the equivalent of the hives and rashes some human hayfever sufferers experience.
  • The belly-drag: I’m not kidding. Even though it’s counter-intuitive to drag your belly on the very grass that’s causing the allergy, it still happens. Because it feels good!
  • The foot lick: A hairy hayfever sufferer’s biggest habit. The allergies trigger the sensitive skin between the toes causing the licking.
  • The bum drag: A big surprise. But itchy anal glands are also a sign of inhaled allergens and hay-fever.

But what about sneezing? Well, it’s a massive one for humans. But for the hairy ones, it’s considered a rare but still reliable sign of allergies. 


How to help hay-fever:

You could…

  • Bring them inside: This helps a little. But not as much as you might think. Ultimately those pollens are tiny enough to infiltrate the indoors through windows and air conditioning.
  • Use an Air filter: These help some more. And essentially trap the allergens before they get a chance to be breathed in.
  • Use medication: Here, we’re talking anti-histamines, steroids and the new age allergy medications. They’re a big help for those seriously affected.
  • Soothe that skin: Thankfully, the vast majority of hayfever situations are mild. In these cases, a rinse or foot and belly soak in my Soothe My Skin Wash is all the relief they need to put the irritations to bed.

Soothe My Skin Wash
Soothe My Skin Wash

So just remember, if your eyes are watering and the sneezing isn't easing, chances are your furry family member is also feeling it...

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