April 07, 2020

How a tiger tested positive for Covid-19

How a tiger tested positive for Covid-19
Dr. Chris Brown

Just when you thought tigers couldn’t get any more notoriety right now, 4 year old Malayan tiger Nadia has tested positive for the Covid-19 virus. But here’s what this result really means…

Nadia was tested for the virus when she, along with a number of other lions and tigers, developed a dry cough. And while all the big cats are now recovering well, her results are obviously big news.  Even in a city like New York already dealing with a catastrophic human pandemic.

It’s thought the virus was transferred to her by a zoo keeper who was infected but not showing signs of Covid-19 at the time when they sneezed, coughed or handled her food.

Despite the interest in potential animal (and pet) infections Nadia’s case will inevitably bring, there’s still one crucial point we all need to remember. There’s still ZERO evidence that Coronavirus can be transferred from animals (including pets…and tigers) to people. In all honesty, our pets and wildlife have more to worry about being around us right now…

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