March 26, 2020

Pet ventilators will now save human lives

Pet ventilators will now save human lives
Dr. Chris Brown

As levels of Covid-19 sweeps across many countries, the lack of ventilators to keep human patients alive is a looming crisis. So, just when you thought pets couldn’t do any more to help us, humans are getting some help from our (best) friends…

In what might turn out to be the ultimate gift of life, veterinary practices across Australia have donated ventilators to help the most extreme and critical Coronavirus cases should human ICU’s run out of them. This currently priceless piece of medical equipment is normally used to keep dogs and cats alive in situations such as poisonings, car trauma and advanced tick paralysis. Yet this time of year where the latter is rare has meant that this loan can be made.

With just 2300 human ventilators currently available nationwide, every single one will count should cases of Covid-19 continue to exponentially increase. Some current predictions have Australia running out of ICU beds by April 10th. But by selflessly giving up their lifelines, hopefully the hairiest members of the family can help to delay that scary time even further. It’s enough to make you truly believe in DOG.

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