October 18, 2019

Is this what a racehorse's retirement looks like?

Is this what a racehorse's retirement looks like?
Dr. Chris Brown

It may be the racing industry’s dirty little secret. Thousands of ex-racehorses that have supposedly been enjoying their retirement have actually been sent to abattoirs and knackeries in NSW and QLD. Here’s what’s been revealed...

In an investigation aired on ABC’s 730 program last night, up to 40 racehorses were being killed per day at the Meramist Abattoir in Queensland. But it’s not just the horses deemed ‘not fast enough’ on the track that are ending up as meat. In fact, the combined ‘winnings’ of the animals slaughtered was over $5 million. Even a horse named War Ends, who is listed as still racing, was killed 18 months ago in an abattoir. Worse still, in their final moments, these thoroughbreds are being subjected to cruel kicking, hitting and shouting. Something that no animal, let alone one that has served humans so boldly, deserves.

This exposé comes after the head of Racing NSW, Peter V’Landys claimed that ‘zero’ racehorses were being killed in abattoirs. With over 14,000 foals being born every year into an industry clouded in controversy, what is clear is that these majestic creatures deserve so much better from us. We need to focus less on who’s fast on the track and more on how quickly we can find them homes after it. And until homes for all horses can be found, we shouldn’t be ‘rolling the dice’ and breeding so many.

For an industry that isn’t short on money, racing seems short on solutions to this crisis right now.

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