November 11, 2019

The koala crisis happening right now

The koala crisis happening right now
Dr. Chris Brown

It’s devastation on an unprecedented level. At least 350 koalas have been killed when the area around Port Macquarie was devastated by an intense blaze. This number represents around 0.5% of the ENTIRE species. Lost. In a few hours.

The number of rescued koalas currently only stands at 16. It’s better than zero but shows the tragic fate that awaits a koala whose entire world is the top of a highly flammable eucalyptus tree. And it’s a habitat that’s even more precarious with the effects of urban sprawl and climate change.

The coastal fringe of northern NSW and the Sunshine Coast of QLD continues to burn with Tuesday looking catastrophic. Spare a thought for all animals and if you can, donate to rescue organisations and wildlife hospitals. At times like these, hydration solutions, burn creams, bandages, nutritional replacement formulas, syringes and bedding are all invaluable.

Thank you and if you’re in these areas, keep safe and an eye out for any injured wildlife. They’ll be doing it tough.

Pics: @portmacquariekoalahospital

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