August 30, 2019

For Bear, saving koala lives isn’t that remarkable

For Bear, saving koala lives isn’t that remarkable
Dr. Chris Brown

Bear went from being homeless to sniffing out koalas in danger and ultimately saving their lives. But just don’t tell him it’s a big deal...
Bear never really coped with life in a small backyard. But now the fragile forests of south eastern Queensland are his playground as he finally gets a chance to use that beautiful mind (and nose) of his. Bear is one of three dogs trained by the University of the Sunshine Coast to sniff out vulnerable koalas under threat from cars, disease and housing developments. And with the koala staring down the barrel of extinction, Bear is the friend they desperately need.

Ironically however, Bear’s special skill for sniffing and saving koalas actually saved his own life. He was rescued from death row at a shelter to become part of this elite team that can hopefully turn around the fortunes of the furriest and most adorable animal on the planet.

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