August 29, 2019

This stray tabby found a friend just his size

This stray tabby found a friend just his size
Dr. Chris Brown

Forget that old story about cats and dogs being fierce rivals. After battling to survive on the streets with no mum or brothers or sisters for back-up, this tabby kitten surely must have thought all hope was lost. But then, a chance encounter with a tiny puppy learning toilet training changed everything.

Taco, a Chihuahua x Dachshund, used the same laneway for his ‘business’. Being similarly small must have given the kitten the confidence to approach. From there, a most unlikely friendship was born. What started as a sniff and a face rub grew into a complete dependency and deep friendship. So much so that when heavy rain began lashing the city, Taco’s owners decided to bring the homeless kitten they called “Tequila” inside. From there, the tiny two have become inseparable. Sharing meals, hugs and now a big, bright future together. Taco and Tequila are indeed a might combination!

So how did these two make it work? Well, aside from fate, both Taco and Tequila both met each other during their ‘socialisation’ periods. That time (before 12 weeks of age) where they decide what’s normal and what’s not. With both of them missing their families and feeling lonely, being a similar size and headspace meant this was a bond that just made sense. They’ll now have the bond of brothers for life.

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