October 24, 2019

How Kenny has gone bubble boy to poster boy

How Kenny has gone bubble boy to poster boy
Dr. Chris Brown

Kenny might just be Australia’s most unique wombat. And this pic doesn’t go close to explaining why...

He’s already a member of a species that poops perfectly formed cubes. But that’s not even the start of this wombat’s quirks. After losing his mum at a young age when she was hit by a car, Kenny was hand raised by Tim Faulkner at the Australian Reptile Park. Soon, Kenny endeared himself time everyone he met by falling asleep while drinking milk. In fact, Kenny could sleep anywhere, including this sock drawer. But the different side of Kenny wasn’t over yet. Not long after, it was discovered that even a quick excursion onto grass gave him severe hives. Yes, Kenny had a grass allergy despite the fact wombats. Eat. Grass. One that I was heavily involved in treating.
Then, more sleeping and this time this photo of Kenny went viral. Mainly because of the curious position of his tail. Yes, that’s his tail.

Thankfully Kenny has lived a relatively drama free life since. And now, after overcoming a heartbreaking start to life, he acts as an adorable poster boy for the species that is in the fight of its life against a mange mite that is affecting 90% of all wombat populations. So thanks for the LOL’s Kenny. Long may they continue for you and your brothers and sisters.

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