December 23, 2019

No room at the inn?

No room at the inn?
Dr. Chris Brown

A home owner in South Australia just captured this year’s Aussie take on the Christmas nativity scene and saved 6 little lives in the process. Here’s how 6 koalas came to be in Adam’s home...

As bushfires bared down on Cudlee Creek in South Australia, a guy called Adam rounded up some mates who in turn, rounded up six koalas who were desperately trying to escape the flames.

After a much needed drink of water and a cooling rest on the tiled floor, the hungry and thirsty six were handed over to South Australia’s Koala Rescue, who will now care for the group until they can be released back into their wild home. Six koalas who have Aussie compassion and community spirit to thank for their survival...

Pic: Janelle Michalowski

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