January 06, 2020

This koala was plucked to safety just in time

This koala was plucked to safety just in time
Dr. Chris Brown

When this water tanker driver saw a shape hobbling from a burnt out forest near Nerriga, NSW, he slowed down to investigate. And we’re so glad he did...

Damian Campbell-Davys’ instincts were good. Like so many wildlife caught up in Australia’s tragic and seemingly unending bushfires, this juvenile koala’s life hung by a thread. Surrounded by flames, Damian stopped and plucked the little guy to safety.

Tinny, as he’s now known, was taken to a local wildlife rescue centre where he should recover well. But not before riding up front with Damian. Thankfully completely unaware of how close he came to joining that most tragic statistic that over half a billion animals have now lost their lives in Australia’s fires...

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