September 09, 2019

This burnt koala protected her joey in a police car

This burnt koala protected her joey in a police car
Dr. Chris Brown

When you see how close this koala mum and her joey came to being lost in the Queensland bushfires, you’ll understand why they’re so happy to be clinging onto life in this police car.

With unseasonal bushfires destroying their natural habitat, Queensland and northern NSW locals are chipping in to help injured and homeless wildlife. But the long arm of the law have gone out of their way to help the short arms of this koala and her joey after they were found dazed, confused and burnt, clinging to a branch in Jimboomba.

Thankfully, mum only suffered some singeing to her ears and fur while her efforts saved the joey from any injuries or burns. The pair are now in care at the RSPCA Queensland wildlife hospital and should be returned to the wild when it’s safe to do so...

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