September 16, 2019

This baby possum woke in a dread-ful place!

This baby possum woke in a dread-ful place!
Dr. Chris Brown

This Hungarian puli went from pet to possum mum when she woke up with a baby ringtail attached to her dreadlocks. But you won’t believe what happened next...

It’s not known how the baby became separated from her mother but when she needed warmth and fur to climb onto, she clearly couldn’t believe her luck when she saw Kato the Puli sleeping nearby. And while this baby was soon taken to a wildlife carer to be hand raised, the surprise wasn’t over yet.

Unbelievably, the very next morning the same thing happened! Another baby ringtail possum nuzzling into Kato’s dreadlocks. It’s thought a possum catcher may have caught and relocated the mother and left the babies behind. But fortunately, these two bubs will now have a chance at life thanks to their strong survival (and heat-seeking) instincts. It’s not known if they can be reunited with mum just yet. Maybe the future isn’t so dread-ful after all...

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