March 08, 2019

This giant wolf-dog will warm your heart

This giant wolf-dog will warm your heart
Dr. Chris Brown

Being this big was never Yuki’s fault. Yet, this gentle giant was abandoned by his previous owners at just 8 months of age when he became ‘too much to handle’. But finally people are realising that Yuki’s heart is actually his biggest feature.

Yuki is a wolfdog. The incredible (and unintentional) mix that occurs when a wild wolf breeds with a domestic dog. And while he might take up the entire couch as opposed to sharing it, the shelter is determined to allow Yuki to experience love and the sense of belonging that he’s been deprived of for most of his life as he battles abandonment and ongoing health issues.

Yuki is a classic example that you can never judge a rescue dog by their looks. Their life experience may be extraordinary. But thankfully, humans along with other dogs are now queuing up to be a member of Yuki’s very unique wolfpack.

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