March 19, 2019

This stray dog climbed one of the world’s highest mountains for love

This stray dog climbed one of the world’s highest mountains for love
Dr. Chris Brown

When this stray dog met a human she could love, she went to great lengths (and heights) to win them over. And in the process, climbed one of the world’s highest mountains.

“Baru” stumbled across the climbers on day 10 of their 30 day expedition to conquer Mt Baruntse in Nepal and began following them. Incredibly though, she just didn’t stop. As the group went higher and higher, often using ropes for safety, she just deftly stepped around them and kept on climbing; not wanting to leave behind her new friends. Even climbing inside their tents at night for company.

But on their summit day, the group worried that the ascent might be too dangerous for Baru and tried to leave her behind. Incredibly though, just as they positioned for the final climb, there she was. And made it all the way to the top of the 23,389 ft high mountain.

Knowing this was a bond that was clearly never going to be broken, Baru has now got her wish and has been adopted by team member Kaji. She now lives in a home in Kathmandu and is even an ambassador for the homeless dogs in Nepal meaning other dogs won’t have to go to such extremes to find love...

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