October 17, 2019

This heroic penguin protector is retiring

This heroic penguin protector is retiring
Dr. Chris Brown

She’s saved thousands of little penguin’s lives during her career, but age has finally caught up with Tula the Maremma. Here’s why this hairy hero is retiring...

The idea of teaming these sheepdogs up with a colony of penguins on an island just off the coast of Warnambool, Victoria seemed so crazy it prompted a movie. But the bond between Tula and the threatened penguins was so strong, she protected them from foxes who would wade across to the island looking for an easy meal.

But after 9 years on the job, arthritis in her hips and knees have finally taken the spring out of her life-saving patrols and she’s retiring. Amazingly though, she won’t be stepping away entirely from her charitable acts. She’ll now turn her paws to protecting chickens from foxes on her home farm. Tula clearly lives to work and loves saving lives. Enjoy the quieter life girl...

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