October 11, 2019

The very good reason why this koala wears clothes

The very good reason why this koala wears clothes
Dr. Chris Brown

Danny the koala didn’t choose the fashion life, it chose him. Searching for new territory (and let’s be honest females) to call his own, he wandered into a garage in northern Adelaide. And that’s when the drama really started...

Far from the familiarity of a eucalyptus tree but with breeding season firmly on his mind, Danny was searching high and wide for wife material when he walked into the car-port and knocked over a can of motor oil. He unfortunately then became quickly became covered in it.

Fortunately the owners of the home saw his oily appearance and called in help from the Adelaide and Hills koala rescue. However when vets were unable to wash the thick oil out of his dense coat, they were left with no option but to shave his fur off. Now, with the cool spring nights still upon us, Danny is forced to wear a jacket to keep warm until the weather warms up and he can continue his slightly unconventional courting rituals. Good luck little guy. In the meantime, who’s for Danny as the new Bachelor 2020?

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