May 06, 2021

This walrus' journey is one for the (ice) ages

This walrus' journey is one for the (ice) ages
Dr. Chris Brown

This walrus’ adventure is like something from a Pixar film. He may have stowed away from the Arctic on an iceberg before giving a small town in Wales one enormous surprise! Here’s what’s probably happened...

Ever since the 300kg (600lb) walrus, nicknamed Wally, appeared in the town of Tenby in Wales, he’s been turning heads. But it’s his journey from the Arctic that’s spinning them.

Normally found within the Arctic circle, Wally has either floated in the strong ocean currents on an iceberg all the way from near Greenland or is the victim of reduced sea ice and overcrowded feeding grounds and has been forced to search for new territories. At around 3 years of age, he’s still a juvenile and will grow up to 1 tonne in weight.

For now though, his R&R is delighting locals. It’s thought he will eventually return north once he’s regained some condition. Wildlife authorities aren’t ruling out helping him on this journey with a (heavy) lift however. In the meantime, this sounds like a film that needs to be made. Let’s just make it a happy ending yeah?

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