May 31, 2021

These dogs' dreams just came true

These dogs' dreams just came true
Dr. Chris Brown

A Queensland man has found a way to help rescued working dogs in the suburbs truly live their dreams. He’s created sheep herding for city dogs. And the effects are remarkable…

Anyone who plays parent to a kelpie, cattle dog, sheep dog or border collie will tell you the energy levels are extreme. And considering these breeds will often run up to 20km in a single day on a farm, it’s no surprise that city life can leave them a little under-stimulated, overweight with a greater likelihood of boredom related behavioural disorders.

Enter John Borg. He’s created ‘Sheep Herding for City Dogs’; a program that takes city slicker pups and lets them live out their life-long dreams by rounding up real sheep on a farm. Instead of a flock of cavoodles and pekingese at the local park. But what’s amazing is just how little herding they need before they’re physically and most importantly, mentally satisfied. Just 15 minutes is often enough for a kelpie like Loki (pictured below) to become so exhausted she’ll then rest for the rest of the day.

It’s a unique program that delivers on doggie dreams and most importantly, saves so many of these little faces from a sad future that could include being put down if they’re simply deemed to hard to handle…

(Pics: Me and Jennifer Nichols)

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