June 29, 2021

Two handy tricks brought this dog home

Two handy tricks brought this dog home
Dr. Chris Brown

After being spooked by fireworks, this dog leapt from her own backyard and ran away. 8 hours later she came home in the most hilarious and heartwarming way, all thanks to some special skills your mate is equipped to use…

The talented girl, known only as ‘Boop’, isn’t alone in being frightened by fireworks. So many dogs (and some cats) struggle. But somehow she found her composure to do something extraordinary. You see, after her owners searched the streets all night for her, their hopes were fading when they returned to their empty home. Yet before they turned in for a restless night of sleep, they placed an unwashed t-shirt over the balcony railing (it's there in the picture) hoping their scent would draw her home.

Whether it’s co-incidence or not, amazingly at 3am ‘Boop’ did find her way back to her family. But it’s what she did next that blew them away. Using her already active nose, she set off her smart doorbell, waking up her confused and very relieved family.

The most mystifying part of the reunion being that she’d never been taught to use the doorbell. Desperate times clearly call for desperate measures and the most anticipated delivery you could ever hope to receive! Special shout-out to the drool/snot combination left on the camera too...

(Pics by 'boopbeepboopbop999'

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