March 02, 2019

#currentmood? Your little mate's attitude might say more than you think...

#currentmood? Your little mate's attitude might say more than you think...
Dr. Chris Brown

Be warned. You’re being watched. In fact, our pets grow up dreaming of being just like us. And with great power comes great responsibility! You see, rather than having personalities that are locked in, they’re always changing in response to what we do…

That’s right. It’s not just human children that copy our every move. Two separate pieces of research just released shows that both dogs and cats modify their behaviour to mirror us. And our mood has the biggest influence over them. In what seems like an adorable attempt to fit in, happy owners generally had cheerful, fun-loving pets while those who were more anxious had dogs and cats more inclined to be nervous around strangers and even scratch the furniture.

It once again shows the importance of being kind, caring and patient with animals that have received a tough start to life like shelter dogs and cats. Otherwise you might both have a dog of a day…

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