June 21, 2019

Fleas aren’t playing by the rules this winter. Here’s how you reel them in.

Fleas aren’t playing by the rules this winter. Here’s how you reel them in.
Dr. Chris Brown

Like an unwanted house guest that’s outstayed their welcome, fleas have somehow found a way to just keep on hanging around this winter. But here’s how you give them the signal their season of freeloading is well and truly over…

Here’s the thing. The chill of autumn is meant to convince them to pack up until spring. But a milder May in many parts of the country meant that message was never received. And now with winter here, we’re giving fleas another free-ride thanks to our in-home heating and the cold weather habits of the hairiest family members…

For starters, the heating that helps us escape the cool, is helping fleas do the same thing and give them summer vibes all year round. Instead of leaving heating on all day, it’s important you only warm your house when you’re in it. At all other times, keeping it cool will let fleas know it’s not cool to hang around. Install timers on heaters and remember to turn air-conditioning and heating off when you’re not home. You’ll also save loads on your energy bills.

Then, it might be worth checking what’s lurking in your pet’s bedding. When temperatures drop, dogs and cats tend to ‘nest’ and cosily retreat to a spot where they feel warm. This ‘nest’ can also provide a winter retreat for fleas. So try washing their bedding in the morning and allow it all day out in the sun to dry. Yes, fleas hate the two things we seem to thrive on. Being dry and lying in the sun.

Vacuuming regularly and keeping up to date with flea treatments will also help to give them the final heave ho from your home. If only keeping unwanted relatives away was as easy!

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