October 15, 2020

We finally know the age where dogs ‘chill out’

We finally know the age where dogs ‘chill out’
Dr. Chris Brown

Sometimes it feels like they’ll never grow up. But researchers have finally worked out the age where that endless chaos and curiosity are replaced by…can you believe it…’maturity’?! Say it ain’t so!

The study, published in Scientific Reports, found that the novelty seeking trait (also known as the ‘I wanna lose my mind over new experiences' trait) declined from 3 years of age. That’s right, 3 is the age where maturity, calmness and control becomes a real possibility.

The researchers followed 217 Border Collies (that’s an effort in itself) and also discovered that problem solving abilities actually increased up until 6 but then plateaued from there. Interestingly and mind your heart here, dogs never really learn how to deal with adversity. No matter their age...

I’m just going to need a moment here.

Three years to mature might seem like a long time. But remember, it takes us humans around ten times that…

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