October 12, 2020

This one face will win over your cat

This one face will win over your cat
Dr. Chris Brown

Despite having an (often unfair) reputation of being tough nuts to crack, cats have a real weakness for one simple facial expression. In fact, it’s just been found to be the fast track to friendship. Ok I’ll stop talking now and tell you what it is…

So research just released in Scientific Reports shows that if you ‘slow blink’ at your cat, not only are they likely to return the gesture, but they’re also more likely to approach (even a complete stranger) for pats. It’s one of the true, now scientifically proven forms of ‘comfort' communication between moggies and us humans.

But what does a slow blink look like? Well, try narrowing your eyes in a relaxed close mouth smile and then fully closing your eyes for a few seconds. Chances are they’ll respond in a similar way…

It’s silent cat chat that delivers a caring yet clear message. How did you go?

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