October 21, 2019

This cat nearly achieved Brexit in a suitcase

This cat nearly achieved Brexit in a suitcase
Dr. Chris Brown

In one morning, this British cat nearly achieved more than all of her country’s politicians. She came within a whisker of Brexit. Here’s how...

When a UK couple checked in for their flight to New York, they couldn’t work out why they were immediately detained following their hand luggage being x-ray scanned. After all, they’d deliberately left the bag empty so they could buy souvenirs on their trip. Or so they thought.

But it turns out the sight of her owners packing bags AND an empty bag had proven too much for Candy the cat to handle. Defiantly, she’d climbed inside. Fortunately, airport officials believed the story and Candy’s parents were allowed to fly without charge. And because she was detected in time, Candy was able to ‘stay’ rather than ‘leave’ when her mum’s brother came to the airport to pick her up. Maybe all of the UK needs their mum’s brother right now...

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