October 29, 2019

This puppy discovered it’s not easy being green

This puppy discovered it’s not easy being green
Dr. Chris Brown

A litter of Great Dane pups is adorable enough. But then this puppy stumped the animal world by being born green! Here’s the reason he was born this way and whether his future is bright or

When very good girl and expectant mum Ami went into labour, the exact number of little feet she was bringing into the world was unknown. And after 7 puppies her litter was already special. But then “Verdant” arrived. Under torchlight, Ami’s human mum (and midwife) couldn’t quite believe what she was seeing. The little boy was green.

But the pup’s squeaks and strong gasps for air told the story. He was fighting fit. In fact, the bright green colour, whilst dramatic, isn’t a cause for concern. It’s the result of a pigment called biliverdin which is one of the ingredients in bile. When the colour ended up in little Verdant’s placental fluids, he was dyed that colour. And while he will stay in his greens for a few more weeks, the colour will eventually fade.

By then he’ll be less green, more eating machine...

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