September 22, 2020

Does the toothbrush trick really work?

Does the toothbrush trick really work?
Dr. Chris Brown

The wet toothbrush is the latest cat trend on social media and is meant to send moggies into a cat-atonic state. So I thought I’d test it out. Here’s what I found...

Here’s the theory. Despite being so small and rough, cats are meant to go ga-ga over being brushed with a wet toothbrush.

Why? Well, the dampness mixed with the tough bristles are meant to mimic the spiky papillae on their mum’s tongue. A few strokes could potentially send them back to the safety, security and comfort of being a kitten.

So does it work? Well, despite my scepticism, I’m alive. And the toothbrush got a positive response. My cat Cricket isn’t afraid to walk away if she isn’t a fan yet she seemed quite enamoured with the tiny brush. And while she didn’t quite revert to a catatonic kitten state, the most notable thing here is the lip licking. My feeling is that’s a reflex response to what she feels is her own lick. She just can’t work out how her tongue can reach around there.

So the toothbrush gets a tick.

Now, I’m off to buy a new toothbrush. I don’t need furry teeth of a different kind.

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