September 09, 2020

What the ‘side-eye’ really means

What the ‘side-eye’ really means
Dr. Chris Brown

Tell your furry family member to get off the sofa and chances are you’ll get the ‘side eye’. But here’s what this very human expression really means...

Yes, it’s that classic look where even though their head is facing away, their eyes turn to face you. It’s one of my favourite looks because I’ve always assumed it was their ‘Are you talking to me?!’ face…

Well, research now says it’s actually deeper than that…
According to the University of British Columbia, it combines two classic signs of anxiety. Not only are they turning their head away from you, they’re also showing the whites of their eyes; something that’s only done when they’re stressed.

So essentially, the ‘side eye’ is actually their ‘indecisive’ face. They’ll pull it out when they’re confused about what to do next. Kinda cute right? So next time you see it, make your request even clearer and then reward them with a pat for making the right choice.

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