January 11, 2024

The one very sore way the beach bites back!

The one very sore way the beach bites back!
Dr. Chris Brown

The beach might be the closest thing to doggy heaven. After all, there are those intriguing new ocean smells and near endless new dogs to dive into chaos with. But if there is a downside, it’s what happens when those toes (and bellies) hit the sand…and salt.

The fact the beach is so different to the park is what makes it so special. But the change from grass to sand between the toes is a big one. After all, every sand particle is ever so slightly abrasive. And while a short walk won’t pose any problems, a long enthusiastic beach run and play session can be like literal sandpaper on their feet. Wearing away the relatively tough toe pads and scuffing up the super sensitive skin between their toes and on their bellies. It can be so severe they essentially develop sand sores and even blisters.

But that’s not the end of the story. The raw skin then gets hit with repeated sprays of salt water which have a drying action leading to some skin cracking and even more redness.

Of course their most delightful place had to have a downside!

The result? All that foot licking and scratching that’s such a feature of summer holiday nights.

So what can you do?

Good luck stopping them from hitting the beach! But for the first few days, a little restraint may be beneficial until they develop their ‘sand legs’.

The best way to manage those dry, abrasion filled feet and bellies is with a twice daily application of my Super Useful Skin Cream. It soothes those raw areas while nourishing any dry and cracked skin. It’s a summer essential.

Now…back to the beach. And the wonder-filled smells of the high tide mark. With a sense of smell 100,000 times better than ours, just imagine the creatures their nose knows are out there!

Super Useful Skin Cream
Super Useful Skin Cream

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