November 16, 2022

How this tick season is dangerously different...

How this tick season is dangerously different...
Dr. Chris Brown

Paralysis ticks shouldn’t be costing lives in 2022. But this tick season isn’t like the others. Ticks are everywhere and especially potent. And don’t start me on the tick serum shortage...

Here’s how ticks can strike...even if you don't live in a tick area! And how to be protected...

It’s almost like ticks have engineered the perfect summer for themselves. And if they could, they’d be applauding their situation.

After all, if you were to ask what a tick is into, they’d say…

Lots of rain so they can move freely. A tick’s biggest danger is actually drying out so they won’t venture out in dry conditions…

Warm weather straight after rain. This sends the signal to go looking for an animal to attach to. 

Lots of people (and their dogs) finally going on adventures away from their own (safe) area to coastal holiday spots where ticks can surprise the unprotected.

Notice something about these 3 factors? They’re all happening right now. It’s why sadly, so many dogs and cats are ending up in tick paralysis emergencies. We’re seeing so many patients, there’s a legitimate tick serum (the antidote to the tick toxin) shortage. 

So please be especially vigilant. Remember, the key points of protection are:


  • Use a new age tick treatment. Technology has come a long way. And make sure you apply it at least 3 days before you head on holidays.
  • Search them each day. Using your fingertips, feel for any abnormal lumps or bumps. Remember, 80% of ticks will attach from the level of the front legs forward. The hotspots are the face, ears, neck and front legs.
  • Look out for the first signs of a tick. Sure the weakness in the back legs is the defining feature. But also be awake to vomiting, an abnormal cough, stumbling and ‘grunting’ breathing.

I really hope this helps you dodge ticks this season. Sadly, we’ve already lost too many furry faces this year. Like my friend’s 14 year old girl Sisu who picked up a tick on the NSW north coast. Stay safe x

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