February 19, 2019

Polar vortex has this Bald Eagle frozen...literally!

Polar vortex has this Bald Eagle frozen...literally!
Dr. Chris Brown

While southern hemisphere pets and wildlife have been sweltering in the summer heat, spare a thought for this bald eagle who was literally iced in on Lake Michigan in the US.

In the polar vortex weather event, he’d somehow had a 3.6kg ball of ice attach itself to his tail feathers; anchoring him to the frozen lake. Thankfully he was rescued and volunteers at Wings of Wonder Bird Rescue gave him the warm bath dreams are made of to gently melt the ice and free him from his frozen shackles.

Once he could prove he still had the power of flight, fly off he did. Giving all those involved in his lifesaving rescue the thrill of a lifetime. And proving those with cold hands certainly have the warmest hearts!

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