October 04, 2019

Why a wombat and a horse are sharing a drink

Why a wombat and a horse are sharing a drink
Dr. Chris Brown

After revelations that an off-duty policeman stoned a wombat to death, it seems the way to show a wombie some love and support falls to this horse. Here’s the story behind this bond...

With drought reducing paddocks to dust across large parts of Australia, this moment captured on a farm in Braidwood, NSW shows the shared struggle of finding water. The fact a normally nocturnal wombat is out ‘day drinking’ is remarkable. But it also shows the sweet side of animal friendships as Felix the horse reaches out to a wombat who’s likely already struggling with the effects of the mange mite that’s wreaking havoc on 90% the wild population.

But considering the challenges they’re both facing, who doesn’t need a friend and a drink to get you through!

Pic: Erin Renfield

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