September 19, 2019

This beagle gave two tiny kittens an unexpected gift

This beagle gave two tiny kittens an unexpected gift
Dr. Chris Brown

When this family adopted two tiny kittens, their pet beagle, Daisy, didn’t just lay out the welcome mat, she opened the welcome milk bar! Yes, she’s begun lactating for them. Here’s the amazing reason dogs like her can do it...

The two 5 week old kittens were found hopelessly wandering without their mum on a nearby farm. But the tiny felines clearly gave one year old beagle Daisy all the feels as she quickly became their protector and milk provider.

But the ability to produce milk comes from a quirk in a female dog’s hormonal balance in the months after they come on ‘heat’. Large amounts of progesterone (the pregnancy hormone) and prolactin (the lactation hormone) can flood the body, giving dogs like Daisy the false belief they’re pregnant. So when these kittens arrive at just that time, little Daisy is left believing they’re her babies.

Proving once again that while you can choose your friends, you can’t choose your family. They choose you!

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