October 02, 2019

This community never gave up on Merlin

This community never gave up on Merlin
Dr. Chris Brown

This little face experienced the most heartbreaking trauma when her best mate was killed in a car accident. But after running away from the scene, the local community was determined to save Merlin...

For two weeks, Merlin was missing somewhere in the bush west of Bundaberg in Queensland. But once word got out that the last surviving link to her owner was in trouble, a search party was despatched in North Burnett to find and comfort the clearly struggling kelpie cross.

Finally, two weeks after the accident, a farmer found paw prints on his property. And with the help of a much needed pork steak, Merlin has just been found. Despite still being in shock, Merlin is now safe. And living proof of the reality that our pets do indeed grieve the loss of animal friends and human family.

But thanks to a local community determined to help her, this brave little girl can now have time to heal and maybe even love again.

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