December 02, 2022

The reason dogs tilt their heads is everything

The reason dogs tilt their heads is everything
Dr. Chris Brown

I think it’s high time you knew exactly why dogs tilt their heads when they hear a strange sound.
Warning: It may make you love dogs even more...

Yes, it's the move that can melt even the coldest heart. But for years, we've been trying to understanding why they do it. Finally we have the answer. And's all to understand us better.

The tilt serves two functions.

First of all, it directs what they're HEARING into their ears at a different angle and often around their long ear flaps. But there's more to it than this...

The tilt does something surprising. It's also especially useful as a way of shifting their nose out of the way to help with what they're SEEING. Because after all, seeing is believing. Especially if it's with both eyes.

In fact, you can try the tilt for yourself. Just put your fist on your nose and try to look straight ahead. Your fist blocks your vision unless you tilt your head to the side. Crazy huh...

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