June 25, 2024

Why pets take up dirt eating!

Why pets take up dirt eating!
Dr. Chris Brown


It’s really taking organic food to the next level! But when you know why they do it, eating dirt may not be quite as disgusting (or weird) as you might think…

There’s been a big movement in our human childhood health to make our world more ‘dirty’ to actually help their immune system and resistance to illness. Even some pregnant friend’s of mine talk of craving the taste of dirt.

Well, as it turns out, pets are way ahead of the game. And are seemingly in search of something to help out…

So what’s the attraction…of dirt?

This is one of those incredible moments where they just seem to know what’s good for them…AND what they need. Their brains are hard-wired to know that soil contains some important bacteria and nutrients that are not only essential for survival and good health, but also lacking from their lives over winter.


The big factors that lead to a winter nutrient shortage

  • Lack of sunlight
  • Cooler temperatures
  • Processed food that kills off healthy bacteria

And wouldn’t you know it.

Soil actually contains a blend of nutrients like bacteria, vitamin D, iron, calcium, selenium, zinc and salts.

And it’s right there…under inquisitive noses!

The only problem?

They can’t quite get the balance or the type of these gut balancing bacteria right. Meaning some days it’s successful and other days they get more than they bargained for.

So depending on what they’re in need of, there can be an easier (and tastier) way of delivering that winter health boost.

For gut bacteria balance, a small squirt of the super tasty Tummy Tamer delivers a hit of live probiotics to give them a calm gut through winter…

For a boost of minerals, vitamin D and prebiotic fibre, the In-Betweeners treats are perfect. They’ll also help those anal gland scooting and grass eating habits.

So eating dirty might be one of the quirkier things they do. But it also might be one of the biggest clues they give to how they’re feeling on the inside…

The Tummy Tamer
The Tummy Tamer


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